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Tutorial | Mac 10 Sub Machine gun | COMPLETE WORKFLOW


  • 14 HD Video Files
  • Final high-poly and low-poly Gun model files including textures
  • All scripts, plugins, and hotkeys that I am using in Max (download links)
  • Substance Painter Project file
  • Marmoset Toolbag Project file


Over 6 hours of video in MP4 format (NOTE: no audio commentary). Everything is recorded  in real time.


In this course we'll going through the following stages: model, highpoly model, lowpoly model,  unwrap, prepare mesh for baing, bake, texture and render a Sub Machine Gun. Every step is recorded without fast forwarding. This tutorial also contains all the scripts, hotkeys, and shortcuts that have been used along the entire course.

Modeling Stage - 3dsMax:

This stage covers the entire modeling process of the gun model, including highpoly and lowpoly. I'll show you production modeling techniques in order to speed up your workflow. After the modeling process, we will see how to create UV coordinates for the asset in order to be textured.

Texturing Stage - Substance Painter:

The texturing stage begins with baking our asset in Substance Painter. You will learn how to create perfect bakes and fix possible baking errors.

Then, we'll begin the texturing part. You'll learn how to apply a material, work with alphas, generators and procedurals textures.

Rendering Stage - Marmoset Toolbag:

Here I'll show you a step-by-step of my rendering workflow. The Marmoset tutorial covers the following steps:

  • How to bring in your textures
  • The rendering process
  • Camera and lights set-up
  • Exporting the final Image


It is recommended to follow the course with the same software I use throughout the tutorial.

  • 3DS Max 2022 (or previous version)
  • Substance Painter 2019 (or previous versions)
  • Marmoset Toolbag 3 (or previous versions)


The tutorial is aimed at beginners as well as intermediate artists. 

Tutorial - Sharing, streaming, and redistribution to third-party is strictly prohibited.

*Digital products are non-refundable

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Files (20)
part 1 Modeling
mp4 /
380 MB
part 2 Modeling
mp4 /
400 MB
part 3 Modeling
mp4 /
470 MB
part 4 Modeling
mp4 /
570 MB
part 5 High Poly
mp4 /
630 MB
part 6 High Poly
mp4 /
780 MB
part 7 Low Poly
mp4 /
1.2 GB
part 8 Low Poly
mp4 /
1.7 GB
part 9 Unwrap
mp4 /
1 GB
part 10 Unwrap
mp4 /
830 MB
part 11 Organize Uvs and Smoothing Groups
mp4 /
810 MB
Parte12 Prepare Mesh for Baking and Baking
mp4 /
540 MB
Parte13 Texturing
mp4 /
370 MB
Parte14 Rendering
mp4 /
560 MB
zip /
34 MB
zip /
500 KB
rar /
110 MB
Main Hotkeys in 3dsMax
txt /
649 Bytes
plugins and scripts used
txt /
180 Bytes
reference image
txt /
155 Bytes